Sunday, 22 August 2010

Student Life

I had almost forgot how is to study. For the last two years I have been travelling around the world, working on project, organizing projects, coaching, promoting, recruiting… And suddenly my life changed again. I am back to my old routine (study, coffee, sleep, study, walk, shop, sleep, study etc…) and I was not sure if this routine is something that I want to do again… until I found my oasis: READING

Reading is great, because new world open to you, because you gain knowledge you would never gain from your friends or your parents, because it makes you think, become smarter, because it makes your imagination go crazy.

Becoming student again is one of the best things I could do at this moment, because I can use all my experience so far, broaden my knowledge, become a specialist in something (International Economics), help world become better from my position.

So what would be my advice to anybody out there?

  • Enjoy your student life, it will never come back
  • Study, you will never regret it cause it came make you only a better person
  • Find what is the thing that makes you move, laugh, be happy… It will be your motivation to do your best every day


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