Friday, 11 February 2011

HOW TO: use the new Facebook Bussiness Pages Layout & Admin Tools

Facebook has released the new facebook pages design! And of course I will show you the new features!

First of all here is how a new facebook page looks like:

The main changes that you can see is the app bar that is now vertical under the profile picture and the 5 photos on the top of the wall (the same as in the new facebook profile).

The greatest change though is the administration of the facebook pages as now the admins use them as profile.

That means that you they will get notification when they have a new fan, or when there is interaction with the fanpage (like, comment, photos etc)

Moreover now you can post on other pages with the name of the page and not personally from  you profile. So, for example, if I have logged in as Brand A I can leave comments as Brand A on Brand B wall.

In addition you can see the feeds of other pages that you have as favorites and interact with them even more (that makes cooperation between brands even stronger!)

So to summarize the new facebook fanpages will look even cooler but the most important thing is that the administrators will have more tools to admin their facebook fanpages!


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