Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How to: Monitor the posts and comments of your facebook fanpage [Must tool for fanpage admins]

If you are a community manager and you have to monitor the post and comments of your facebook fanpage this tool is going to "save your life"!

It's called Hyper Alerts, and it's created from a Norwegian Company, Hyper Interaciv.

1st thing is that (till now) it's FREE! So you can try it without any cost ;-)

2nd it's really easy to use. 

So let's see how it's working.

There you will see this:

This is the homepage of the tool. If you want to create a new account just press: Create new account and you will see this form:

Just write your email and the password you want. Press register and it's DONE ;-)

You will be redirected to your account page were you can add fanpages that you want to monitor. So easy.

You will get all the new updates in your inbox the time you have set & this is how an alert may look like in your inbox.

So do you know any other cool tool for Facebook fanpage administration? Let me know in the comment box below!


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