Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Almost robbed!!


Yes, it’s true. Yesterday I was almost robbed in the centre of Athens, in the most popular square in Greece called Sintagma in front of the Greek parliament. I was sitting down on the grass writing things in my notebook. When I guy suddenly came next to me and started to ask the direction to the Train Station.

I am always welcome to help strangers as I did, but this one was too suspicious. I replied but at the same time a remembered that my bag (that was next to me, had a lot of important things for me) was unprotected, and that all of my attention was not there at all. I looked back to find my bag and surprisingly I saw another guy sitting silently next to it.

If my attention was on the asking guy even for some more question my bag would now be in other hands and all of my important things would be gone! My magazines, my notebook, wallet, ID, my ideas written on pieces of papers. Everything would be gone.

And that make me think. Think that there are these moments that people try to “rob” us, that want to make us lose our important things and take advantage of them by making us unable to react. These important “things” are not only money, netbooks, wallet and credit cards. These things can be your moments, your job or your girl/boyfriend.

So, do not let others steal your “things”, be careful, pay attention and react!

Have you ever been “robbed”?


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