Friday, 26 November 2010

Time is never enough... or not?

In the last 10 days I had only 3 post on my blog... (even if I made a promise to myself to have a post per day) and the reason for that is one1.
I am sure that many of you have wished to have 48 hours in one day so that you can do everything you want in one day (so do I) but unfortunatelly that's not possible. I have tried many times to convince my body not to sleep, but that also does not work.
Back in time I was called as "the super effective" but still 1 day was never enough for me... (things didn't change much since then). I have been been delivering trainings about time management, effectiveness etc... but still I can't do everything I want in the time that I have... 

So finally I realized that (maybe) I was doing something wrong. Time is always there, and it will never change... but the things that we want to do, can change. It's not just about priorities and things you want to do first... but it's about our desires that never ends... and the things that other want US to do...

We are social people and part of that is doing things that our friends, our parents, our teachers want us to do... But do we have the option NOT to be social? I think no.... so that means that we will never have ourselves & our desires as a priority and that is part of being human...

So what would be the best option? Doing things that "I" want to do or what "Others" want me to do? How to use the limited time we have?

PS: If anyone knows how to make time go slower please let me know ;-)


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