Thursday, 16 December 2010

Facebook statuses of 2010 (Wordwide)

So, the 2010 is coming to an end... and most of the social networks are posting the trends of 2010 on their platforms. So did facebook and I will show you the 10 most trending words on our facebook status updates.

As you can see HMU is the top word on the list. But do you know what it means? I didn't till the moment I saw this graphic. And finally after a Google search i found out the HMU means "hit me up" and is used mostly from students...

On 2nd, 5th and 8th position there are 3 of the most viral "events" that took place in 2010. World Cup and Vuvuzela's, Haiti disaster and the rescued miners in Chile.

Bieber could not be out of the list as his Youtube video is the top in views now (400 millions) and that reflects also in facebook statuses (I am not sure how positive all this statuses are, but who cares).

Apple's iPad and iPhone is also there, on the 4th position (and it's actually the only product in the list).

Wonder what would be the top Greek trends on facebook statuses. What do  you think?


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