Monday, 20 December 2010

New Super Design ;-)

Hello everybody! After 8 hours of non-stop working over the blog with html, jquery, java, bla bla bla bla... you can see the new design of my blog with some cool new (useful) features.

So let's begin...

Subsciption buttons: Finally there is a button for RSS feeds. You can also find a twitter button with a link to my twitter account and facebook button for my facebook account ;-)

The coolest feature is the Facebook slide bar! If you hover your mouse over it you will see a fanpage coming from the side ;-)

Another (cute) thing is the Sheep on the bottom left side of the blog. It has a message for you! 

You can also find a social bar at the bottom of the blog with links to facebook, rss and twitter...

And last but not least is the footer post design that has an "illusion" design.

Do you like it? tell me what you think... 

PS: Don't for get to "Like" the fanpage ;-) it's there ------------->>>


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