Saturday, 2 October 2010

Broken PC = Broken Life?

What a luck, just yesterday my new netbook (2 months old) "died". It won't even open whatever I try. So now I have to live without a computer for more than a week and I want to share with you how different my life will if I will not find any solution.

To begin with, I am working in a social media agency. Being part of a team that mostly communicates via emails will be very difficult to be updated about everything happens in the company. On Monday I have to finish my first proposal for a social media campaign and of course that proposal will be on PowerPoint (fail again). My work is totally related to internet so whatever I want to do, I just can't do it. No internet, no money.

In addition I am also working for an organization called AIESEC. It's an international organization and that means that I am working with people from all over the world. My main communication channel is Skype, and without a computer I can't. All the meetings, the work we should do together now will be impossible to be done. Internet overcomes the borders!!!

In addition I have hundreds friends from all over the world that I met during my trips in Belgium, Malaysia, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands etc..... that I am connected to with internet and unfortunately there is no other way to communicate with them.

Yes, I admit I am computer addicted and YES my life without a computer will not be the same but I think I can survive =D . I think that's the price of living in the 21st century.


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