Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thanks to ALL my readers!

I am really happy to say that today this blog reached 3,000 visits (2,000 in October). So I would like to share with you some random stats from my blog, and say THANK YOU again for reading.

More than 2,000 readers are from Greece! Then we have USA and UK... but wtf Korea is doing there. I am wondering how did Koreans found my blog.

Most of my readers use Google Chrome (good for you, me too)

And the most interesting stats are your favorite posts!!

On the top there is a video from Ogilvy Greece - Greek Stereotypes! (love it)

Then a foto with advices om how to make a f**king good poster!

Some of my thoughts about Athens and how beatiful it is.

+ Some feedback for a social media campaign of a greek beer and 5th but not least! A song from a great Greek singer ;-)

Thank you very much. Keep reading my blog... and if you don't want to lose any post subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking here or with your mail on the right side of the blog!


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